clicca per ingrandireIR system is constituted by an infrared receiver and its transmitter that produces a signal to the receiver when  it passes through the finishing line. It so possible to identify, with a 1/100s precision, the exact position of the finishing line both for our data acquisition system (if you don't want to use the GPS facility) and with other apparata with external trigger like Ducati 749/999 and 1098 dashboard or Translogic Dashboard.
Connecting IR-system to the proper input of your Ducati 749/999/1098/1198 or your Translogic DashBoard it will be so possibile to see your lap time directly on your dashboard and, with Ducati 1098S, it will be also possible to have a trigger signal to easily read the data acquired by the internal data aqcuisition board.
IR system is realized into two distinct models, AMP and TRL, distinguished by power supply, output signal and receiver connector.
AMP receiver is suitable for Ducati 749/999/1098 and 1198, it is 12 V powered and produces a 0-12V output when lighted by the transmitter signal, it connector is a 3-poles AMP.
TRL receiver instead has a Molec connector and an inverted output to to be compliant with Translocic system.
Both models have a default 30 seconds dead time during which the receiver remains blind to other signals from the transmitter after receiving the first. in this way is possible to eliminate multiple trigger due to the presence of more than one transmitter on the pit wall.

(Price IR-System for UK customer: £98.00 + £10 for shipment -VAT not included-)


clicca per ingrandireThanks to its 3-pin AMP connector compatible with the DUCATI input, you can connect the "R miniLAP Ducati" directly to your Ducati Ducati 749-999-1098-1198 original sync connector.
The miniLAP will receive power directly from the bike without the need for additional wiring. With its sync output you can see time both ondisplay in the original Ducati dashboard and on miniLAP thus combine the advantages of a GPS chrono to the possibility to see time directly on the dashboard.
See more details here.

Time Lap directly on your original Dashboard!
With GPS technology and memory for trajectories.

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